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Chemical products, petroleum products, mineral products and metal raw materials and finished products are inspected, tested and identified through the professional testing laboratory of chemical products and petroleum products and the testing laboratory of mineral products and metal raw materials and finished products。At the same time, we provide customers with loading and unloading progress reports and inspection tracking records。Clear, accurate, timely and confidential information transmission, so that our customers are not physically present, but can feel close。

Our professional network services are at your side, this efficient network will make you really feel the customs clearance and sales of fast and convenient, so that you can improve work efficiency, can more effectively use the operation of each investment, so that you always maintain a leading edge in the competition。


Product range
◆ Organic chemical raw materials
◆ Inorganic chemical raw materials, fertilizers, pesticides
◆ Food additives, feed additives
◆ Dyes, paints and pigments
◆ Pharmaceuticals, etc

Service content

Type of certification service

◆ Weight identification (bank tank, cabin capacity, flow meter, water gauge weight, weighing instrument weight)      

◆ISO19001 quality management system certification

◆ Sampling and sample preparation

◆ISO14000 environmental management system certification  

◆ Quality inspection 

◆ GB/T28001 Occupational Health and safety management system certification

◆ Assessment of carrying capacity of means of transport (cleaning inspection of shore tanks, cabins and containers)

◆ SA8000 social responsibility standard certification

◆ Loss monitoring and investigation

◆ ISO27000 Information security management system certification

◆ Survey monthly settlement and inventory count

◆ FSSC22000 food safety system certification

◆ Supervision of loading and unloading

◆ Contract Consultation


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